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Cyber Insurance for Auto Dealers

There are over 40 insurers that offer some form of cyber insurance, so why should you choose SafeEnterprise Dealers? 

At a high level, the answer is very simple. Our product was created by industry veterans to provide market-leading cyber insurance and claim services for dealerships. 

​Program Overview


1st and 3rd party standalone cyber coverage available in all 50 states and D.C.

Full Unknown Prior Acts Coverage.

Enterprise-wide protection for the firm’s computer system and data, including outsourced computer systems or data stored in the cloud.

Limits up to $5M with deductibles as low as $5K. 

Coverage Benefits

Data Breach Response Expense.

Cyber Extortion and Ransomware Response Expense.

Loss of money caused by cybercrime including social engineering and fraudulent funds transfer.

Cost to restore electronic data damaged or deleted in cyberattacks.

Loss of income.

Liability for data breaches including regulatory proceedings and resulting fines and penalties.


Our incident response team was created using legal, information technology risk, and cyber remediation specialists with an expertise in cyber claims. Together, we've handled over 1,000 cyber claims (exceeding deductibles) and thousands more incidents in the past 5 years. 

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must be one of the following classes of business with up to $500 million gross annual revenue: 

Retail Motor Vehicle Sales 

Vehicle Maintenance or Service 

Vehicle Parts or Accessories 

Vehicle Rentals Tire Sales

Support and Risk Management

Any Policyholder struggling with elements of their cybersecurity program or looking to improve their cyber hygiene can access Shield Up, our risk assessment and remediation platform powered by Havoc Shield, free of charge. 

Learn more at www.shieldupcyber.com


Cyber Insurance for Auto Dealers

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Our Policy.

SafeEnterprise Dealers addresses the vehicle dealership industry’s unique cyber risk profile. Our Policy provides first-party and third-party coverage for losses involving cybercrime, ransomware and regulatory fines/penalties.

Specimen forms are available upon request. 

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